MorningStar Management, LLC is owned and operated as a sole proprietorship by Angela Booth, who has been a resident of Killeen for 16 years. Ms. Booth is a retired Army veteran having served 21+ years. After retirement, she worked for the Army Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA), and was assigned to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) on Fort Hood for 4 years. Later, being selected for promotion with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), she left there to work in HR for the VA an additional 8+ years.

Ms. Booth has been involved in Human Resource (HR) management, training, administrative operations, personnel management, an instructor and organizational alignments for around 33+ years. She has been performing successfully as a resume writer and career coach part-time for over 10 years. She skillfully and professionally helped many with resumes, cover letters and interviewing skills. She has numerous testimonials from co-workers, family, friends and church members that she has helped. Some have gained new employment or promotions, and others were able to negotiate a salary increase through her assistance. Her passion for helping people in this area and her research confirming the need, fortified her desire to serve a larger sector of the community in this way. Consequently, she decided to move forward into a full-time entrepreneurial career.